Tossed out the temporary engagement ring…

And picked up my permanent engagement ring with wedding band 🙂 It was supposed to be ready on the 3rd, but they called me today and said it was in!!! It. Is. So. Stunning!!! In love! This. Just. Got. Real! #helzbergdiamonds #helzberg #iamgettingmarried #thisjustgotreal #gettingmarriedoctober212017


A day of accomplishments!

Two big things happened yesterday!!!  No, he didn't propose. 😞 First... Yesterday was my first day of college in 24 years, and so far so good!  😄 I'm enrolled at the University of Phoenix and I'm finally getting my Bachelor's in Communications! Pray for me... I don't know what I've gotten myself into. Second... Monday … Continue reading A day of accomplishments!

Things that make you go hmmmmm

My love was just telling me earlier today that he had a strange dream last night.  He doesn't typically remember his dreams, but this one kinda stuck. He said he was greeting his dad's family, that WE were greeting his dad's family. At. A. Wedding... here where we live... (his dad's family all live in … Continue reading Things that make you go hmmmmm