My proposal ❤

I asked my daughter this weekend 😆


So, this happened…

Thursday evening, at my house, while we were cooking dinner and doing house chores (he was manning the stove and I was doing laundry). He got down on one knee, in the middle of my kitchen, with all of my children around to witness his proposal. It was the most sweetest, from the heart proposal … Continue reading So, this happened…

I think he’s looking at rings!!!

We took the kids to the Luling Watermellon Thump today. They had a blast.  It was their first time at a carnival. Yeah, I know... my ex was very controlling. Because he didn't like something , all of us had to suffer. 😦 Anyway, I got all four boys on the Ferris wheel and on … Continue reading I think he’s looking at rings!!!

Happy Father’s day 😊

I surprised my boyfriend with linner this afternoon with his boys and their wives/girlfriends. We met the boys at the Gristmill in Gruene, TX. Had a wonderful meal and just enjoyed the day. The girlfriend of one of his sons snapped a picture of us, or so I thought it was one... That one is … Continue reading Happy Father’s day 😊