Tossed out the temporary engagement ring…

And picked up my permanent engagement ring with wedding band 🙂 It was supposed to be ready on the 3rd, but they called me today and said it was in!!! It. Is. So. Stunning!!! In love! This. Just. Got. Real! #helzbergdiamonds #helzberg #iamgettingmarried #thisjustgotreal #gettingmarriedoctober212017


I feel incomplete :(

Today was one of the most difficult days of my life.  Today, I left a piece of me in south Texas.  I drove away from my baby girl, leaving her to start a new life and attend Graduate school at Texas A & M University. I cried.  Hard.  I'm still crying.  I miss her so … Continue reading I feel incomplete 😦

I think he’s looking at rings!!!

We took the kids to the Luling Watermellon Thump today. They had a blast.  It was their first time at a carnival. Yeah, I know... my ex was very controlling. Because he didn't like something , all of us had to suffer. 😦 Anyway, I got all four boys on the Ferris wheel and on … Continue reading I think he’s looking at rings!!!