Tossed out the temporary engagement ring…

And picked up my permanent engagement ring with wedding band 🙂 It was supposed to be ready on the 3rd, but they called me today and said it was in!!! It. Is. So. Stunning!!! In love! This. Just. Got. Real! #helzbergdiamonds #helzberg #iamgettingmarried #thisjustgotreal #gettingmarriedoctober212017


I feel incomplete :(

Today was one of the most difficult days of my life.  Today, I left a piece of me in south Texas.  I drove away from my baby girl, leaving her to start a new life and attend Graduate school at Texas A & M University. I cried.  Hard.  I'm still crying.  I miss her so … Continue reading I feel incomplete 😦

I think we’re making progress!!!

So my love mentioned over this past weekend that we have some traveling to do.  I recently out in my two weeks notice from an amazingly horrible job, and the new job starts the beginning of May. He asked me if the new job was going to allow vacation/PTO and they do (unlike the old … Continue reading I think we’re making progress!!!