Tossed out the temporary engagement ring…

And picked up my permanent engagement ring with wedding band 🙂 It was supposed to be ready on the 3rd, but they called me today and said it was in!!! It. Is. So. Stunning!!! In love! This. Just. Got. Real! #helzbergdiamonds #helzberg #iamgettingmarried #thisjustgotreal #gettingmarriedoctober212017


Trading up

My fiance (my God, I love calling him that  🤗) told me that we had an appointment this morning at 11 am.   Wouldn't tell me where we were going, that it was a surprise. We ended up at the mall, and I knew where we were going  😆 We headed over to Helzberg Diamonds … Continue reading Trading up

I think he’s looking at rings!!!

We took the kids to the Luling Watermellon Thump today. They had a blast.  It was their first time at a carnival. Yeah, I know... my ex was very controlling. Because he didn't like something , all of us had to suffer. 😦 Anyway, I got all four boys on the Ferris wheel and on … Continue reading I think he’s looking at rings!!!

Thing #12365 I thought I’d never do

for my ex-husband... To bring you up to speed.  Last week, he received notice that his "fiance"has been approved for the first part of the Fiance Visa process.  This week, he received the approval documentation detailing what his next steps are. His mail order bride could be here as early as August... As if that isn't … Continue reading Thing #12365 I thought I’d never do

A day of accomplishments!

Two big things happened yesterday!!!  No, he didn't propose. 😞 First... Yesterday was my first day of college in 24 years, and so far so good!  😄 I'm enrolled at the University of Phoenix and I'm finally getting my Bachelor's in Communications! Pray for me... I don't know what I've gotten myself into. Second... Monday … Continue reading A day of accomplishments!

Houston, we have a problem…

   That's my Pinterest dashboard. Do you see my dilemma?  No?  How about this  No, not the chicken and rice receipe (although that does look good). I'm talking about the "Picked for you" things.  Do you see a pattern? #hehadtogoandsaysomethingaboutafuturetogether 😩 #imgonnacryifhehasnoplansonasking #imobsessedwithweddingplanningamdimnotgettingmarried

Shot gun wedding, sort of

My daughter informed me that her dad is planning on marrying his fiancee when they step onto Austin soil. There's a problem with his plans though..., the State of Texas has a three day cooling off period from getting your marriage license to when you can legally wed. I haven't had the opportunity to break … Continue reading Shot gun wedding, sort of