It’s been a week

Since my kids soon to be step mother arrived from the Phillipines.   It's been...strange. My love and I met her last Friday, right before kiddo 4 & 5 soccer games. She also attended their games with their dad. She seems very shy, and out of sorts.  She's very short, and speaks English with a … Continue reading It’s been a week



Got home tonight with the kids, and the ex and his fiancé were home in their apartment. Thing 4 immediately wanted to go meet the ex's fiance. I was the mean mom... I made them go inside the house and finish homework. I got dinner started and had thing 3 text his dad, to see … Continue reading 🐳…

Coming to America

My daughter informed me last night, that my ex-husband's fiance received her fiance visa.  My ex-husband has apparently purchased her flight, and she is set to arrive in Dallas on September 21st. I CALLED IT!!!!  I said she would be here by my birthday, and she'll be here 3 days before! I'm not sure how … Continue reading Coming to America

Thing #12365 I thought I’d never do

for my ex-husband... To bring you up to speed.  Last week, he received notice that his "fiance"has been approved for the first part of the Fiance Visa process.  This week, he received the approval documentation detailing what his next steps are. His mail order bride could be here as early as August... As if that isn't … Continue reading Thing #12365 I thought I’d never do