So, this last weekend we moved into a 4 bedroom Townhouse.  This was supposed to become the kids nesting house, but yet every time I asked their dad when we were moving the kids, I got an answer of "I don't know" which resulted in my last post...  We ended up setting up air mattresses … Continue reading Whoa…


Moving on up

For almost two years, we have been commuting the boys from a near by town to where their schools are. It has become apparent that the best thing to do at this point, is move the nesting house back into the school district that my kids have been attending since 2007. I was able to … Continue reading Moving on up

It’s been a week

Since my kids soon to be step mother arrived from the Phillipines.   It's been...strange. My love and I met her last Friday, right before kiddo 4 & 5 soccer games. She also attended their games with their dad. She seems very shy, and out of sorts.  She's very short, and speaks English with a … Continue reading It’s been a week