Moving on up

For almost two years, we have been commuting the boys from a near by town to where their schools are.

It has become apparent that the best thing to do at this point, is move the nesting house back into the school district that my kids have been attending since 2007.

I was able to secure a nice 4 bedroom town home that feeds into the right elementary, middle and since there is only one high school; the high school.

We take possession of the unit on February 15th, which is great!  But we only have a few short days to move.

That being said, we will be in a real bird nesting situation.  One in which the parents will ALL have to pack a suitcase for 5 full days to stay with the kids in the nesting house.  As it stands now, for the past two years my ex-husband has had the luxury of living a stones throw from the nesting house in the garage apartment on the property.

If he ever needed to change clothes, or take a shower, or get something from his apartment; he just had to walk like 50 feet from the back door.  Hardly inconvenienced.  Now he will have to pack a suite case just like I have to and not have that luxury.  In addition, it’s a win – win for him and the kids.  The boys will be on a bus loop for morning pick up and afternoon drop off.  This will enable them to take the bus in the mornings, freeing up the need to drive 15 minutes east to start dropping kids off at three different schools.

We shall see how this plays out.  I’m excited!

#birdnesting #coparenting #divorced


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