You remember way back when you were in college, and you had a roommate and they seemed to use your stuff rather than get their own?

Yeah.  I live that life now as a 42 year old woman who bird nests with her ex-husband.

So the way things are supposed to work is, we buy things for the nesting house; specifically for the kids.  You buy flour, milk, eggs, oil, pancake mix, toilet paper, dish washing soap; it’s for the kids house.

You use it, you replace it.  Like for Like.  So, if one parent buys Palmolive and it goes out when you have custody; you would replace it with more Palmolive.  Seems simple enough, right?


My ex has been using the things that I’ve been buying, and not replacing them.  So, I finally had enough and put an end to it.  I have started putting my laundry soap, dryer sheets, and more in a cabinet in the house.  I have had to put my name on the bottle of soap, because the ex would continuously use my stuff and not replace it.  Or if on some chance he did, he replaced it with cheap stuff like Ajax.

Never in a million years did I ever think that I’d have to explain how this works to an adult.  <sigh>


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