It’s happening

​Found out from 3 kiddos last night that their father is getting married on Thursday evening at the bird nesting house.

I’ve got one kiddo asking me why it’s not happening in a church or by a church official; and why it’s happening so fast.

I’ve got another kiddo upset that he’s choosing to do this on a day when they’re not going to be here, subsequently making them feel left out 

I’ve got another kiddo who is upset, but refuses to open up to me just yet.  They’re still processing things and I’m sure will have a break down soon.

Right now, I ask for your prayers for my kids. Please pray that God is there to guide them and that He is there to make this an easy transition. 

It hurts me to see them like this, and I struggle with being in a place where I’m not at liberty to answer questions they ask and telling them everything is going to be okay.

#90dayfiance #stepmom #confusedkids #struggling 


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