Got home tonight with the kids, and the ex and his fiancé were home in their apartment.

Thing 4 immediately wanted to go meet the ex’s fiance. I was the mean mom… I made them go inside the house and finish homework.

I got dinner started and had thing 3 text his dad, to see if they could come meet her. He obliged, and so thing 3 & 4 headed over.

Not 5 minutes later, they both came running into the house to get thing 2 and 5 to come over and meet her.

When they all came back to the house for dinner, I heard “she’s very nice, and she’s really short!”

My love and I never got to meet her.  I was told by their dad that she’s really shy, homesick and that we’d meet her tomorrow evening.

So, stay tuned!

#90dayfiance #birdnesting #coparenting #awkwardturtle


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