It’s been a week

Since my kids soon to be step mother arrived from the Phillipines.   It's been...strange. My love and I met her last Friday, right before kiddo 4 & 5 soccer games. She also attended their games with their dad. She seems very shy, and out of sorts.  She's very short, and speaks English with a … Continue reading It’s been a week



Got home tonight with the kids, and the ex and his fiancé were home in their apartment. Thing 4 immediately wanted to go meet the ex's fiance. I was the mean mom... I made them go inside the house and finish homework. I got dinner started and had thing 3 text his dad, to see … Continue reading 🐳…

This is it

This is the last day that my kids have with just their dad.  Tomorrow afternoon, their dad's fiance arrives from the Phillipines.  I am scared, I am nervous but most of all I pray that my children welcome her with open arms and treat her with respect.  Please God, watch over my children through this … Continue reading This is it

Coming to America

My daughter informed me last night, that my ex-husband's fiance received her fiance visa.  My ex-husband has apparently purchased her flight, and she is set to arrive in Dallas on September 21st. I CALLED IT!!!!  I said she would be here by my birthday, and she'll be here 3 days before! I'm not sure how … Continue reading Coming to America

Tossed out the temporary engagement ring…

And picked up my permanent engagement ring with wedding band 🙂 It was supposed to be ready on the 3rd, but they called me today and said it was in!!! It. Is. So. Stunning!!! In love! This. Just. Got. Real! #helzbergdiamonds #helzberg #iamgettingmarried #thisjustgotreal #gettingmarriedoctober212017