So, my love is out of town for 4 days on a business trip. It’s not my week to have the kids, I feel so out of place and alone. 😦

So why not dream about my wedding that is still just a dream 🤗 My daughter came with me to the store last night and bought a bridal magazine. She started planning.  Ha ha ha ha.

When I talked to my love last night, he called me his future fiance again 😆  I think if he has a proposal coming soon, that having a July 2017 wedding would be perfect.

I’m going to see AFTER he proposes,  if he’d be open to July 7, 2017. That would be the 2 year anniversary of our first date; my “peck and run” as he calls it.  It’s a Friday. We could shoot for an early evening wedding. I don’t want anything formal, I want casual/informal with muted colors of sorts.

wp-1467808570100.jpgBlack is his favorite color, and I realize a July wedding in TEXAS outside would be a death sentence. I’m thinking of paring it with Champagne and blush. Using black as an accent color.

I WANT to incorporate our punk music commonality, so I’m thinking a linen shirt for him and his groomsmen, tan pants, and black chuck’s 🤗

I love this groom and groomsmen ensemble. Casual, able to withstand the Texas July heat… pared with black chuck’s 😍

I cannot wait for him to propose, so I can start seriously planning 🤗🤗🤗🤗

#proposaliscoming #summerwedding  #july2017 #texaswedding


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