Happy Divorceaversary to me!

One year ago today, I braved a courtroom by myself and stood up before a judge who declared I was officially DIVORCED! Best. Day. Ever!


One year ago today!

One year ago today, my life would change for the better. My good friend from high school had previously gone through a divorce a few years before me. When I was about to finish mine, she recommended that I seriously consider a subscription to eharmony. Best advice ever! I had tried those "other" dating sites … Continue reading One year ago today!

I have found my Prince Charming 

So, you know how a couple of days ago I posted about my love being concerned with my weight loss?  Well it came up again yesterday. He was staring at my stomach and made a comment about how he loves that I have a goal, but he's worried that I'm losing weight too quickly. I … Continue reading I have found my Prince Charming