for my ex-husband…

To bring you up to speed.  Last week, he received notice that his “fiance”has been approved for the first part of the Fiance Visa process.  This week, he received the approval documentation detailing what his next steps are.

wp-1466467967377.jpgHis mail order bride could be here as early as August… As if that isn’t enough, he texted me on Monday that the casting people for 90 day Fiance from TLC reached out to him.  They are screening for their 4th season and had about 10-12 questions they wanted him to answer.

Being the nice Ex-wife that I am, I helped him answer the questions 😀

He actually sent it in!  He added a bit more to it, but he pretty much sent in what I wrote.  And I wrote the honest to God truth!

They wrote him back and told him that her arrival time is going to probably be too late for this season, but they want to keep him for consideration.  They told him that they want to “discuss your story with the other producers and let you know if we want to have a call to chat more in-depth.”.

I made sure to mention our “bird nesting” arrangement for the kids.  I wonder if that piqued their interest.  I guess we shall see!

I believe we have the makings of a HILARIOUS Reality TV show.  I mean come on.  Who wouldn’t turn in to watch a show about a Divorced family, where the 51 year old father finds love on a Filipino dating site with a girl half his age, and just 5 years older than his oldest child, and hes working on bringing her here, while he co-parents his 5 children with his ex-wife by bird nesting, and his ex-wife is dating a man who is talking about marriage with her and building a bigger bird nesting house for the children to be raised in?

4299964You’d be glued to your seat watching with a bag box of popcorn. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen!

How is the 25 year old mail order bride from the Philippines going to adjust to being the bride of a 51 year old divorced man with 5 children, who lives in the detached garage apartment behind his ex-wife’s house?

So, any of my followers or visitors out there know how I can get in touch with a Reality TV producer; let me know!  I guarantee you the network that picks us up is going to make a ton of money!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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