I have a really good friend of mine, that is planning on proposing to his significant other tomorrow!  They started dating shortly after my love and I started dating, so we’ve all become very good friends.

He decided that he wants to propose on top of the 360 Bridge Overlook in Austin.  A few weeks back, he asked if my daughter and I would be there with him.  I of course said sure!!!!  And then asked if I could bring my love along too, since he wasn’t in the original request.  He replied back “Well sure, why not”.

On Mother’s Day, I asked my love to call his Daughter to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.  Apparently during that phone call, they discussed us coming out to visit her soon.  He also mentioned that he and I had been talking about buying a house together and his hope was that by this time next year we’d be married and living together under one roof, instead of two.

My friend asked me on Monday if I would come with him to scope out the 360 Overlook to determine where he’s going to pop the question on Saturday evening.  So we set a date for Wednesday after work and trekked out that way.

My friend and I at THE spot where he’s popping the question!

These are some pictures from our hike up the cliff.  It really is a steep, rocky trek up the hill to the top; but once you’re up there it’s simply beautiful!


We then walked around for a while, talking about life and his proposal.  He then joked and said something about how funny it would  be if this was for me too.  Meaning that my love was proposing to me.  I told him that I had actually daydreamed about that, hoping that he would be proposing soon and reminded him that my love has said several times that he wants his daughter’s blessing AND my father’s.

360 Bridge Overlook
360 Bridge Overlook

We’re headed up Memorial Weekend to visit his daughter, and he’ll have an opportunity to get my father’s blessing in person on the 21st when my oldest Graduates with her Bachelors Degree (that’s a whole other post ;))

But something fishy is going on…

Yesterday on my way home from work, my love mentioned that he had visited a home builder that we’d talked about possibly building with.  He mentioned that he told the sales attendant that he and the woman he is proposing to soon, as soon as he gets his shit in gear, are going to be building a large house together to move into next February or March.

It’s ALMOST like he misspoke, and then tried to recover.

AND THEN, last night after we had dinner he mentioned about my friend that’s proposing tomorrow and how he’s making my love look bad.

I’m trying to not get my hopes up, but every time I turn around it seems someone says something that gets my mind wandering.  I fear that I want to be his wife so bad, that I’ll end up disappointing myself when it doesn’t happen tomorrow.  Either way, my friend is proposing and I couldn’t be more happier for someone to get married!

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