When you see the forest through the trees

And you realize that what you thought was a marriage, was really a 20 year jail term … 

In the five short months that I’ve been dating my love, he has treated me with more love and respect the my ex ever did in 22 years of being together in some fashion.

One of the sweetest things my love has said to me several times is: You were never treated like a woman, mother or wife. I want to show you how a man treats his girlfriend/wife.

It’s such a foreign feeling to have someone care for you so much. To feel my love for him being reciprocated back to me. I realized not too long ago that my marriage was very one sided; me loving him with my everything and getting squat in return. 

My love and I have only been exclusively dating for five months, and in that short time he has shown me so much love and respect. 

I am the luckiest girl in the world right now. I get a second chance to finally feel what it’s like to be loved and wanted. 


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