All throughout my marriage, my then husband would boast about all these women he’d meet through his job. I can’t begin to count the number of phone numbers my ex said he received in a week.

Or so he liked to tell me he received. This did wonders for my self esteem…

Flash forward to now.  I’m older, wiser, and I see him for who he is; a pathological liar.  Once I finally got the courage to file for divorce, it all became clear to me.  Like a sudden epiphany.  I had been duped, had the wool pulled over my eyes, been sold a bill of goods and received something totally different; a bait and switch of sorts.

This past January, the ex traveled to the Philippines to ‘meet’ his online girlfriend for the first time. It was the best 10 days of my life!  He wasn’t around, I didn’t have to hear anymore lies, and my kids were eerily calm, happy and content.

When I picked him up from his meet and greet/engagement trip (yeah, after 2 days he popped the question and she said yes), I knew I was in for tall tales…  Sure enough, he once again ‘met beautiful young women that were very interested in him, but he had to tell them that he was taken. 🙄

The best ‘tall tale’ was of a French model named Alize, or something like that. Apparently they met in Korea when he had a layover en-rout to the Philippines. According to him, this young, beautiful supermodel was coming on strong to him (as were the women working for each airline he flew on).  He had to tell her several times that he was taken, was flying to see his girlfriend, etc. She was going to the same island in the Philippines, to learn English (why would someone from France, travel to the Philippines to learn English, and obviously she didn’t need the lessons if he was able to converse with her; because last I knew he didn’t speak French).

So last night he told about a woman he met at an auto shop waiting for work to be completed on a work truck. They’d chatted for about 30 minutes from what he said, and when they were parting ways she tried to give him her number. He had to unfortunately turn her down, because he was taken…

Really? Does this really happen? Do women give out numbers to strange men they meet after just a half an hour of shooting the shit?

And why does he feel the need to tell me about these women who are throwing themselves at his feet, begging him to take their number. Can you say Narcissistic personality disorder…

**UPDATE** Per my kids, he was telling them that he had TWO women give him their phone numbers that day.  This time he mentioned that he HAD their phone numbers.  I was told it was one lady, of which he didn’t take her number.  Where’s my eye roll emjoi?


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