Delayed by one hour 

So the plane from DFW to Austin was FULL. Not to mention, the AC was out while we were at the terminal. We were group 3 on the boarding call. By the time we made it onto the plane it was 60 degrees outside and 255 degrees on the plane. It was like a sauna. 👎🏻

The captain came on and told us that due to the weather, he was making the flight attendants stay seated, which meant no drinks. 

We sat on the run way waiting our turn for like 20 minutes. We were one of the last group of flights headed out from DFW.  The weather was pretty bad, so much so that we had to fly out to west Texas around be storm. 

At least we could play games on this flight. 


We arrived in Austin an hour after when we were due back in. 

Then, our luggage never made it out 😒 Turns out, our luggage got placed on the other AA flight that left after us. There were about 8 of us in this group. 



We FINALLY made it out of the airport and are now headed home to my babies!


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