Liars, Cheaters & Prostitutes Oh my!

I’ve thrown myself out there on every dating website I’ve been told about.  I’m on, eHarmony, Zoosk, Hinge, Bagel meets coffee, and most recently Tinder…  Yes, I tried Tinder.

What have I learned from these sites?  I have learned that there are a lot of men and women who are cray-cray. 🙂

1311948270220Seriously, I have come across profiles for couples, swingers, and terms that I had to Google in order to find out what the heck they were talking about that left me feeling like this

I’ve learned the art of qualifying potential dates BEFORE I venture out to meet them publicly.  What I have been able to find, scares and scars me…  Majority of the “men” that I have been contacted by are cheaters.  When I find your Facebook profile, and you happen to have a picture that use to be your profile picture THAT HAS YOUR WIFE IN IT, you probably should re-think sending me your cell phone number and/or having it linked to your Facebook profile.

If I’m able to find out your real name, you had better believe that I will qualify your ass locally too.  That includes and is not limited to, pulling you up on the county clerk’s records search to find out how many hot checks you tried to pass off as a young adult, how many DUI/DWIs you have on your record, how many times you’ve been married and what type of criminal activity you’ve had.

To my surprise on that last one, I actually came across a man who had previously (20 years ago folks) been arrested for prostitution.

That being said, a very good friend of mine and I have decided to chronicle my dating woe’s in the form of an online blog that we’re working on putting together.  I’ll keep you posted when we get ready to launch it!


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