A funny thing happened today…

My ex-husband took me on a date to a concert to see Social Distortion! I was stoked to go!  Steve had mentioned to me at dinner earlier this month that he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to go.

Shortly before the concert began, I received a text message from him.  Asking me if I was excited that the concert was tonight and whatnot.  We corresponded off and on.  Shortly before Social D was set to take the stage, he texted me again with a comment of “Social Distortion should be taking the stage soon”.

I stopped for a few seconds and thought, how on earth does he know when they’re taking the stage.  So, I snapped a picture of the stage from my seat in the balcony and sent it over.  About 5 minutes later, I received a picture back… of the stage… from the OTHER side of the arena…

He. Was. Sitting. Across. The. Venue. From. ME!

I just about died laughing!


** Update **  Steve mentioned to me that I just about ran him over when the concert was over.  I didn’t see him 😦  Hilarious evening though!


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