Text message from my daughter this morning, letting me know that my 10 year old swears that he saw a roach in the room, and is standing petrified in the kitchen. 

Next text message is her telling me that my 6 year old saw it later in the morning, and tried to kill it by throwing the hotel phone at it 😂

So I told her to call the front desk, and she already did. They told her they’d make a note of it… 

This is what was found under the couch in the living room of our ‘apartment’…

Guess who came in and cleaned for over 2 hours… A single girl from housekeeping. She still didn’t get all the bugs up from under the couch. 

*update… As we were pulling the couch bed out, a roach popped up on the mattress. 😷 Needless to say, I am causing a stink every single day I’m here… #lq #laquinta #laquintaroundrock #noroachmotelhere


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